Cucusoft Net Guard

Cucusoft Net Guard 2.3

Cucusoft Net Guard helps you monitor and control your bandwidth usage
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The main purpose of Cucusoft Net Guard is to help you monitor your bandwidth usage, but thanks to its additional features, this application can also be used to maximize the Internet speed or remove unneeded bandwidth consumptions such as the ones that could be caused by malware.

In addition of monitoring the bandwidth usage in real-time, Cucusoft Net Guard can also compile comprehensive monthly reports that thoroughly display every little detail of the past Internet data traffic. These accurate reports will help you easily detect which processes consume the most bandwidth and make any necessary tweaks. This program offers every possible function and feature to help you get in complete control over your bandwidth consumption. It even provides easy-to-setup alarms that will get triggered and warn you when a certain bandwidth quota is reached.

Cucusoft Net Guard has many advantages and pretty much no downside. It also comes with a simple and intuitive interface, it allows you to quickly test the speed of your connection, it includes a small always-on-top floating window that lets you view the current traffic statistics at all time, etc. In conclusion, it’s a great free tool that makes keeping your bandwidth consumption under control a really easy job.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can create detailed monthly reports
  • Accurate real-time stats
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive


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